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I have owned Australian Shepherds for over 20 years. My first Aussie was a pet that I bought from Haley Lamb in Western Australia. Willow was a bright spark in my life when I needed it.

My 2nd Aussie was “Denim” who was rescued from a puppy farmer in Queensland. Back then she came with her purebred papers, but thankfully was too young to breed at the time I rescued her. Although I never bred from her, her pedigree boasted some of the nicest first imports into Australia. Denim had the most beautiful temperament and gentle personality. A beautiful heart, I lost her at 14 years old, I miss her dearly.

When Denim was old, along came my 3rd Aussie from Aimee at Dapsen Kennels. Paris was a handful as a younster, earning her the nickname “The Kangaroo” around the showring! She has had some nice wins in the showring, beating high quality Aussies. As of 2023- 2024, we are taking a break to allow her to mature.

I am a registered breeder

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We can organize meet and greets at KCC Park in Skye, Victoria, Australia. Sometimes I will be at other shows in country Victoria, or around other states.

Certified Dogs Victoria Member

Always ask a breeder if they are a member, and they should show you proof. If they are, they should be doing health testing on the pups and all their adults. If they don’t, run! The puppy might be cheaper, but will cost you more over the lifetime of the dog, especially in vet fees, or worse, not live very long.

Registered member of the following

I am a registered purebred breeder, registered with Dogs Victoria and the Australian National Kennel Council.

We strive for good health and great temperaments

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Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is generally an affectionate, loving, high energy breed. It’s not for everyone but can give you a lifetime of fun and devotion in the right home.

American Miniature Shepherd

The Miniature American Shepherd is a fun, high energy breed. If you love high energy but a smaller version of the Australian Shepherd then take a look at the Miniature American Shepherd

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All my dogs are health tested.

All my dogs are registered purebred dogs, that come with several generations pedigree. I do many health checks on all my Aussies and Minis, well before breeding at 2 years or older. Puppies will have the best start to life, and are free of genetically disease such as hip dysplasia, cataracts and other terrible conditions that backyard breeders DO NOT test for. My puppies also come with a life time of support.